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Kentucky Tobacco Retailers Get a Pat on the Back!

Posted 09-22-14

Kentucky Success

The Kentucky Synar Program would like to give Kentucky retailers a pat on the back for a job well done. Each year the Synar Program conducts random compliance checks across the Commonwealth to see how many retailers will sell tobacco products to youth. The good news is that 94.6% of retailers refused to sell tobacco to youth!  Thank you Kentucky retailers for being part of the solution to underage youth tobacco use.

Building TRUST

A teen walks in to your store wanting to buy an e-hookah without any nicotine. Can you sell to him? As responsible retailers we know you are doing your best to keep tobacco and alternative nicotine products out of the hands of underage youth.  But keeping your staff knowledgeable about new state and federal tobacco laws can be a challenge, especially given the demands of today’s retail environment.  The Tobacco Retailer Underage Sales Training (TRUST) program, developed by the Department for Alcoholic Beverage Control and its state partners, is a free online training program which is updated regularly.  TRUST is designed to:

             Educate employees and store owners about State and Federal tobacco laws;

             Educate employees on how to verify that tobacco customers are of legal age;

             Help store owners and employees avoid costly fines. 

The training can be completed in as little as 45 minutes from a computer or smart phone.   Participants are required to take a quiz which measures their knowledge.  Those who score 75% percent or above are issued certificates which store owners can keep on hand to verify that all of their employees have been trained.  According to the Food and Drug Administration, having your employees trained through a program that follows FDA training guidelines such as TRUST could reduce fines to store owners if they were found in violation of federal tobacco laws. 

Since TRUST was launched in July of 2011 almost 1300 clerks and managers have been trained.  Some Kentucky retail chains have made TRUST a mandatory training program for all of their employees. 

The TRUST online module can be accessed at:  http://www.abc.ky.gov/Pages/trust.aspx

Look for this postcard in the mail in the upcoming weeks for more information.  We look forward to working with you and appreciate the work you are doing to help us reduce underage youth tobacco use.

The Kentucky Tobacco Retail Advisory Council

In order to find more effective ways to reduce underage youth access to tobacco and other nicotine products, the TRUST Program has created The Kentucky Tobacco Retail Advisory Council. The purpose of the Advisory Council is to:

·         Promote better collaboration between local tobacco control coalitions and retailers;

·         Suggest effective ways to market the online merchant education training (TRUST) to retailers throughout Kentucky;

·         Provide input on any retail oriented media campaigns;

·         Suggest effective  messaging to about the youth access problem in Kentucky; and

·         Provide input on what kinds of additional educational tools and resources would be helpful to tobacco retailers in Kentucky.

Thus far, the Advisory Council has provided very helpful suggestions on ways that the TRUST Program can assist retailers to remain in compliance with federal and state tobacco laws. 

For more information on TRUST and the Kentucky Tobacco Retail Advisory Council please contact: Elizabeth Anderson-Hoagland at ElizabethA.Hoagland@ky.gov

(502) 564-9358 ext. 4018, or Steve Cambron at steve.cambron@ky.gov  (502) 782-6153

We look forward to hearing from you!


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