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Red Tape Reduction Initiative to Attack Outdated, Unnecessary Business Regulations

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Gov. Matt Bevin Unveils Red Tape Reduction Initiative to Attack Outdated, Unnecessary Business Regulations

FRANKFORT, Ky. – Gov. Matt Bevin promised earlier this summer to identify and eliminate or revise outdated and unnecessary state regulations that hamper business growth in Kentucky.

The governor announced the Red Tape Reduction Initiative, which will cut through the red tape of excessive and complex regulatory burdens that are a hardship for many business owners.

“As a business owner, I understand firsthand how difficult it can be for a new or growing business to be aware of, understand and comply with every government regulation,” Gov. Bevin said. “While some regulations are very necessary and protect the public safety, others can stifle economic growth, impose unnecessary costs on businesses and impede private sector investment. These costs all get passed through to the consumer. I constantly hear from business owners that confusing government mandates and red tape are huge challenges for them. There are more than 4,500 state regulations on the books in Kentucky, and only 15 to 20 percent of them have ever been reviewed for effectiveness or ongoing need. This suffocating red tape is a problem that must be fixed and, with the help of all Kentuckians, we intend to do just that.”

Gov. Bevin is asking businesses throughout the state to assist in this effort by identifying burdensome regulations and offering suggestions for improvement. A website has been established, www.RedTapeReduction.com, to collect those ideas and suggestions for review.

The governor has already instructed cabinet secretaries to start a review of all government regulations currently on the books. He is also asking all state employees, including those who enforce these regulations, to offer suggestions for improvement.

The initiative has the support of many business organizations throughout the state. Gov. Bevin is seeking input on red tape reduction ideas from both businesses and individuals.

“Any person who has dealt with government at any level, may well have come across a regulation that just doesn’t seem to make sense. So, I invite all Kentuckians to contact us with their thoughts and ideas. We need all hands on deck to reduce the amount of government red tape in the Commonwealth.”

 For more information on the initiative or to submit a suggestion on a regulation that should be reviewed, please visit www.RedTapeReduction.com.


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